My Poor Aching Brain

She Sees The Light

Well, I’m a couple of weeks into the blogging life although there hasn’t been a new post for quite awhile.  Before posting anything new, I wanted to see if I could figure out how to display other blogs, other links and other THINGS.  The questions kept cropping up, “How do they do that?”  “How do I do this?”  Let me tell you, the answers did NOT come easily!  What would take an informed blogger an hour or so to do, has taken me almost two weeks.  The silver lining to this is that there is a great sense of satisfaction when I finally discover the answers.

The most fascinating part of this process for me has been HOW those discoveries and breakthroughs came about.  On each occasion, it was after I’d gone to bed and was nearly on the verge of sleep when I had an epiphany-like idea.  In each case, it proved to be the solution I was looking for!


5 thoughts on “My Poor Aching Brain

    • It is not created by Photoshop. Low lighting condition, slow shutter speed and a zoom lens which is changed as the photo is taken. It’s an interesting technique and, as you can see, produces a pretty interesting effect.


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