John Doe

John Doe

Down and out in Ann Arbor


2 thoughts on “John Doe

  1. When I look at this young man I feel that he must feel in the very depth of his soul that he is so empty that not even his internal organs are alive,I look & see his slacks & shirt are clean & not ragged,his shoes have no holes, & his hair is neatly kept.I want to think that he must have hope he has not allowed himself to get so far as to let himself go ,he takes pride in his appearance.


    • Judy, he really did appear to be better off than many of the street people I’ve encountered however, he was completely unresponsive. Feeling he was in a vulnerable state, we called 911. The police arrived first and seemed to know him well, which was a sad commentary. The ambulance took him away.
      I will say that I never saw him again during my many forays into town.


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