Who Are You?

Lonely Vegas Light

A friend suggested this photo was “dark” enough (that would be in the sense of subject)  for The Sun Magazine so I’m finally getting around to submitting it, and Impermanence for consideration.  Keep your fingers crossed and… stay tuned!

To share a few thoughts regarding this photo (that I know many of you do not particularly care for) I was first struck by the starkness of this night scene in Las Vegas – the city that never sleeps and is so loud, in color, light and gaudiness.  This building was such a contrast, plain in structure, color and texture and so very, very lonely with that single, cold illumination.  Who was in that room?  Were they strung out? Depressed? Maybe getting ready for work?  Preparing to immerse themselves in the antithesis two blocks over?  Why hadn’t they closed the blinds?  Why had they invited me to look up and penetrate their life with only my eyes and curiosity?

5 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Love this photo! Amazing. You must just walk around and see interesting and beautiful things all the time! Thinks most people walk past and don’t even notice. What an amazing talent!


  2. OOOO! This one really caught my attention. It’s so stark, and the lighted window is in total contrast to everything surrounding it. Brings to mind the way life can sometimes deal some hard blows, causing us to feel surrounded by bleak darkness. Yet there is a small light to remind us that the darkness is not forever, and it is not total, even when it seems like it will never end.
    Like you, the picture leaves me with many questions. Why just one light in the entire building? Why does the light not fill the whole window, but only the center part of it? What is the extra brightness in the middle of the lighted area? Is this a light from within the building, or a reflection of something outside?
    LOVE it Maya! Another one to keep me thinking.


  3. Debb, I think I’ll let you write the narratives for my photos from now on; you bring a depth of appreciation that touches my soul!
    After reading your question about the light only partly filling the window, I looked at it again and what did I see? An elongated Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”.


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