More Digital Restorations



I took a hit on the creative front as of late so what time I’ve spent in the digital darkroom has been to work on restorations.  This is a photo of Sandy’s uncle and as you can see from the “before” picture, had suffered a lot of creasing.  Recreating the eye on the right was the most difficult challenge.



For those of you who saw this post earlier, I took it down because I wanted to reframe the before and after shots – sorry if you get two in your mailbox.

Note: These photos, both the original and restoration are copyrighted.  Any infringement will be pursued to the extent allowed by law.

I’ve put the photos back into this post, (but much smaller) because I need to show the authorized use.  Once the piracy issue is resolved.  I will most likely remove the post completely and refrain from posting digital restorations.  This has been a horrible experience.



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