Clear Lake Township Hall

Clear Lake Township Hall HDR

On our way to Arena we found this old township hall along 405 St NE.  It appeared as if it might still be in use.


2 thoughts on “Clear Lake Township Hall

  1. It was a hot August day the air was still I could smell the dry grasses, you picked a wild rose from the side of the old hall, and placed it in my hair. As you slowly opened the door the hinges creaked & split the quiet air.


    • Judy, I have always had the desire to add my own poetry (or creative prose, whatever it may be) to photos but have not had the proper matches as of yet. Most of what I wrote occurred before I took up photography again. Oftentimes, it was a visual image that sparked a poem. Even when that odd collection of words formed themselves in the deepest hours of the night, as I lay alone in the dark…there were accompanying images.
      I cannot seem to turn the tables. I don’t know why my brain has not been able to travel the opposite direction along what seems the same street, but I have not had the images conjure up the creative phrases. I FEEL them, I just can’t pull them forth.
      Thank you for doing what I cannot; and thank you for becoming a “part of the picture”.


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