Ag Art

Washington Wheat Field

I can’t tell you a thing about wheat.  I might consider this an embarrassment considering I live in a state where the landscape is dominated by wheat fields.  At least, that’s what I think they are.

See where I’m going with this?  I don’t know Jack about agriculture!

I recognize sunflowers because…c’mon, who wouldn’t???  I also recognize corn because I grew up in the Midwest and it is tradition for parents to torture their children by forcing them to detassel corn during their teenage years.

I’m assuming this is a wheat field because it was in eastern Washington and I’ve been told there are a lot of wheat fields there.  What I don’t have to assume, is that art is everywhere; it simply takes different forms for different folks.


5 thoughts on “Ag Art

    • Having lived in Alaska much of my life,I am a trees and mountain-loving woman! During one of my migrations across the high plains, I was lamenting over the lack of vegetation and diversity of environment. Then it hit me that, in some ways, it looked like the tundra of home and in an instant, it went from painfully boring to intimately beautiful.
      I don’t think we can deny that there are environments that speak to our souls. I have always sought the trees when I was in need of healing. I’ve met people, here on the great northern plains who HATE mountains, who say they feel claustrophobic when surrounded by trees – things I simply can’t imagine but…try to, because it reminds me that there is beauty here that they love; if I don’t see it, I probably need to keep looking 🙂


  1. I’d say it appears to be a harvested wheat field that is “strip farmed” like my grandpa used to do. :o) Kirsten

    On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 8:52 AM, greywolfphoto


  2. I was trying to think of something deep and profound to say about this photograph, but maybe it’s better to just say what I first thought. That it, it’s beautiful, it’s perfect.


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