Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

One Room Apartment For Rent

I caught a view of this abandoned nest while traveling the back roads of North Dakota last winter.  Granted, there are few trees on the prairies but a VERY big bird had to have been VERY desperate to choose this little, bitty tree to build such a huge nest.

I have a folder in my photo files labeled “The Biggest”; here are some other “biggies” that have been previously posted on my blog but fit nicely in this week’s category:

Eat Your Green Beans

Wally Walleye

New Salem Sue





6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

  1. This photo reminds me of the out stretched branches as our arms holding the weight of our troubles , pains & hurt in life. The large bird that built this large nest in the tiny branches of the tree did not break or bend them , so to as we carry the burdens of life we need to remind ourselves nothing shall break or bend our spirit.


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