Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Tree Swallow 7 FinalTree Swallow Portrait

There are markers that indicate the changing seasons to each of us.  Winter is often marked by the first snowfall, snowman, or snowball fight; growing up in Michigan, spring was heralded by spotting the first robin and opening day at Tiger Stadium; the first BBQ or picnic to announce the summer, outdoor season; and fall, my personal favorite with the changing of the leaves.

Whereas childhood memories may remain intact, those seasonal markers may change as we grow older and our lives evolve.  I became a birder a number of years ago and nothing signifies winter’s demise more to me now than the onset of spring migration.

As a teenager, we visited relatives in California and I heard, for the first time, about the San Juan Capistrano Mission where hundreds (more?) of swallows used to come every year to build their nests.  It was local myth that they would arrive on the same day each year.  It is my understanding that this phenomenon has changed; that the swallows have other primary nesting areas now but the story itself is a lovely harbinger of spring.

This is not a Cliff Swallow of San Juan Capistrano, this is an American Tree Swallow in Michigan.  This was one of my first (and last) digiscope shots, a technique where a camera is attached to a spotting scope.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

  1. As always, Maya, I like the contrasts in your pictures–conspicuous or subtle. I like the color contrast of the trunk and the bird; the dead, lifeless wood and the vibrant live bird; the static and the ephemeral, the stationary and the fleeting. The most important lesson of our life…that it keeps changing like the changing seasons. 5 stars!

    PS: Is the background actual or manipulated?


    • Ah, I do so love reading your comments my friend!

      I applied some vignetting on the outer edges. There was some natural vignetting as a result of the digiscoping process but it was lost when the photo was cropped. I liked the effect and therefore added it back in.


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