Fungi – Just Fungi

Fungi and Leaves 1 FinalFungi and Leaves 1

Do my photographer friends have a hard time letting go of old captures?  I have kept some RAW captures in files many years old thinking, I’ll work these some day.  I found these two shots while doing a little house (file) cleaning.  I wonder if they’ve always been there or…if they sprouted!

Fungi and Leaves 2 FinalFungi and Leaves 2


14 thoughts on “Fungi – Just Fungi

  1. A few years ago I was experimenting with classical still life oil paintings. It was most enjoyable, but after a while, the longing for abstraction led me away again, to photography.
    Your photos here are a mingling of everything I loved: the richness of color and chiaroscuro so satisfying in still lifes, but now made new and alive by broken shapes and unusual juxtapositions that are kinds of abstractions.
    I find them immensely satisfying. Thank you for saving them!!!!!!!!


    • It is always so satisfying for me when someone sees some of the same qualities in a photo that I did.
      Yours is one of the nicest comments I’ve received, thank you 🙂


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