Owanka Series – 5 (Last in Series)

This is it folks, the last series of shots from Owanka, South Dakota – at least for now 🙂  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  To my viewers and followers who like this theme, please take a side trip to Ghosts of North America (who graciously feature some of my work) and Ghosts of North Dakota where you will find a treasure trove of ghost towns and abandoned places.


Owanko Jun 14 (23) Final Owanko Jun 14 (34) Final Owanko Jun 14 (38) Final

Please view the entire series by following the links below:

Owanka Series – 1  There is a link to the history of Owanka

Owanka Series – 2

Owanka Series – 3

Owanka Series – 4





10 thoughts on “Owanka Series – 5 (Last in Series)

  1. “When you get old it’s just patch, patch, patch”, comes to mind with your first one. Love the colors. Did it really look just like that or do you enhance your colors?


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    • Thank you Thomas. As it turned out, this photo was one of my favorites in the series and the colors were my favorite component of the shot. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I always appreciate hearing from you!


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