Summertime Suppertime


I grew up in the Midwest and one, very important component defining summertime was the abundance of fresh vegetables.  My mom used to make, what she called, “Farmer’s Salad” which was a medley of freshly cut veggies blended into a cottage cheese/Miracle Whip base.  I make it myself now but, as with most things, nothing compares with Mom’s.

When I moved away from the Midwest, August would roll around and I would crave tomato sandwiches and fresh corn on the cob.  I missed the roadside stands that sold freshly picked corn along with tomatoes, zucchini, peas, etc.  Sometimes the stands were unattended by anyone.  There would be a sign with the price of the produce and a coffee can where you’d leave your money.  They’re still around…I saw one during a visit just a few years ago when I stopped and picked up a dozen ears of corn.  I had half of them for dinner that night; nothing else, just good, Midwestern corn grown on a small, local farm.  I’m pretty sure that’s what I’d order up if I knew I was dining at my last meal, maybe I’d add a side of tomatoes and my mother’s brewed sweet tea.


Summertime Veggies

Summertime Veggies

Post inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Summer Lovin’




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