Gone, But Unfortunately…Not Forgotten

The 70’s, the decade of bad fashion and design; cars included

AMC Gremlin

AMC Gremlin



My confession…A Mellow Yellow Gremlin was my very first car.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten


33 thoughts on “Gone, But Unfortunately…Not Forgotten

  1. LOL! Came for a visit after I posted. What is it about cars that we seem to have have even a small emotional investment in them? Must be all the great things/bad things they remind us of?


    • We really do have so much emotional attachment (as you said, good AND bad – lol) to vehicles. I think I have always felt like I was abandoning a friend when I traded in or sold one of my cars. Well, all except the Gremlin! LOL

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  4. OMG a GREMLIN?!?!?! And you even admit to having had one 😊 . I used to get rides home with an upperclassman in college. 9 hours each way in his red Gremlin. Haven’t thought about it in years. Kind of like riding in the back seat of a tin can with a bunch of other sardines driving at 70 mph on the Pennsylvania Tpk in the snow. Amazing I lived to tell the story!!!


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