Heil Church, North Dakota

Heil Church 1 Final

Heil Church 6 Final

 For more great shots of abandoned places and ghost towns, check out the websites Ghosts of North Dakota and Ghosts of North America!


14 thoughts on “Heil Church, North Dakota

  1. This looked so familiar I did a triple take. Then I figured all the old abandoned churches must look the same but then I saw it was in Heil. My family has land near Bucyrus- an hour or so away from Heil, and we drive all over everywhere chasing pheasants and Heil isn’t a name one forgets! Nice photos I like the one looking up best. 🙂

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    • You may also find other gems from your memory if you follow the link (off to the right) to Ghosts of North Dakota, I’m pretty sure it’s how I found Heil in the first place.


  2. Isn’t it nice to know you’re not imagining things? LOL
    When we lived in ND, we would go for drives on the weekend looking for ghost towns and abandoned homesteads. I think it speaks highly of the people of ND that so many are still intact and relatively unscathed by vandals. If you go to the bottom of my page you’ll see a categories menu, you’ll find a whole section of North Dakota shots 🙂 That same day, we visited Leith, and I got a great shot that reminded me of the house behind the Bates Motel. If you like, here’s the link to that post: http://imayagination.com/2014/05/16/leith/ And as I remember, there were LOTS of pheasants in that area!!


  3. Maya, your comment on the image I posted on Monochromia led me to visit your blog.
    And what a visit it has been!
    I learned that your work is incredible, that you have been a victim of theft, and that you are dealing with an illness.
    Best wishes for health, for freedom from theft, and the ability to post more of your outstanding photos


    • Thank you LB. I’m so glad you found something of interest when you stopped by. I see that you are a bike enthusiast. I hope you had a chance to look at the Sturgis pictures!


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