Tipsy in Mound City, South Dakota

Mound City, SD

The Leaning Larson


I am aware of the distortion…I like it.

The first word on the sign seems to be Larson’s.Β  I’d love to hear what you think the second word is.

23 thoughts on “Tipsy in Mound City, South Dakota

    • Thanks for sharing this with me Susan. It’s a small measure of satisfaction to see some of these sites being exposed. It is amazing and completely disheartening to see how rampant this problem is. I’ve had one of my restorations taken, again, by someone I gave notice to so I’ve just removed all my restoration photos.


    • You and Debb have good eyes! I can’t say for sure but I do get enough of a hint that I tend to agree. It might be enough of a draw to get me to take another trip up to Mound City – lol.


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